There's more to see in Paris than just the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triomphe and Sacre Coeur.

Scattered throughout the city's 20 "arrondissements" (districts), there are some wonderful attractions that are often overlooked, but would be regarded as flagship tourist sites in most capital cities.

So, this site has been created as a sightseeing resource that will cover:

(1) Useful information to help you get

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the maximum enjoyment out of seeing the most famous Paris attractions e.g. the history, the things to look out for, the best times to see them.

(2)The "hidden wonders" of Paris such as

- The gardens of the Palais Royale

- The Parc Buttes Chaumont (a beautiful man-made park in the 19th arrondissement)

- the kinetic (moving) sculptures in the Igor Stravinsky fountain near the Pompidou Center

(3) Paris sightseeing walks: with so many great things to see in a fairly compact city, a well planned walk can be the most effect way of seeing the sights.

(4) Other sightseeing tours: as well as walking around on your own, you can also try guided tours, bus tours or one of the cruises that will take you down the river Seine for a unique view of famous buildings and monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty (yes, Paris has a Statue of Liberty).

(5) Paris visitor attractions: this is the best museums (not the Louvre, in our opinion), the best exhibits and so on.

(6) Trips out of town: Eurodisney tends to be essential sightseeing for families (and for adults with an inner child), but there are a number of other out-of-town trips well worth consideration e.g. the Palace of Versailles or Monets house in Giverny.

(7) Things to do: we’ve got information about getting around town, where to eat, how to choose a good restaurant, entertainment and nightlife. We'll show you how to avoid the tourist traps and benefit from the best the city has to offer.

(8) How to find a good hotel. Did you know that many supposedly "Parisian" hotels aren't even in the city? Don't get stuck in the middle of nowhere, be where the action is. We'll show you how to tell whether a hotel is in Paris, and how central it is.

So, whatever you'd like to get out of your Paris sightseeing, we hope you'll find it here.